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To expell gas from one's anus with such force that both sides of his/her buttox slap together to create a distinctly audible, and occasionally painful, vibration.
During the awkward silence on his date, John let forth such an intense cheek flapper that the silverware on the table rattled.
by Shpoiken April 28, 2005
adj. Describing the mouth of a man or woman that has cured a man of blue balls.
Jeff got blue mouth after helping Erik with his "problem."
by Shpoiken April 29, 2005
To expel gas from the anus in a high pitched manner.
Marry has such a tight asshole that when she farts, she creates an anal whine.
by Shpoiken April 28, 2005
1) n. a black dwarf.

2) n. a dark halfling.

3) n. a burnt, vertically challanged individual.

See Also: Orgit
Jessica and I breed miggets.


Did that migget just demand that you buy it a turkey leg?
by Shpoiken April 29, 2005
n. A midget that has been dipped in a vat of fake tanning solution. Derived from the words orange midget.
Orgits don't take up space in tanning salons because they don't ever need to go to them.
by Shpoiken April 29, 2005

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