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Tourettes induced behavior from walking and talking on your bluetooth headset. This is best witnessed when all you see is a gesticulating knob walking down the street oblivious to all around them. Or, in a busy restaurant where the bluetooth tourette suffer douchebag announces to all patrons his plans for the evening.
Watch out! That guy obviously has Bluetooth Tourettes! He almost mowed me down!

The mall is full of bluetooth touretted freaks today! Bunch of knobs walking around, not watching were they're going, swearing like sailors.

Hey! This restaurant is full of bluetooth tourette heads. I'm so glad I know what these ding dongs are doing for the rest of the week!
by Shoxedone June 23, 2009
An accident involving poop or any poop like substance.
I had to clean up a poopscident in the bathroom this morning.
by Shoxedone October 27, 2008
The act of using Facebook to hook up with old girlfriends and high school/college flames while married or otherwise attached.
Did you hear about Paula and Sam! Sam hooked up with his high school girlfriend on Cheatbook and now Paula and Sam are getting divorced!
by Shoxedone November 20, 2009
An asshole who only care about himself.
That Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP are real meeholes! Trying to defund Obamacare! Like they care about anyone but themselves.
by Shoxedone September 24, 2013

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