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Purple Kush is one of the 10 most powerful ganja strains in the world. It originated on the Northwest coast region of the U.S. Mainly in Humboldt county. California and Portland, Oregon. And up until the last 3 years it could mainly only be found in the region covering the southern cal up through Oregon,washington, and B.C. Lately the rest of the country has got a taste, and ahs now jumped on the bandwagon.
"purple kush originated in the great northwest."
by Showwoff June 11, 2006
The Region that stretches from the Bay in Cali up through Vancouver B.C. and includes Portland,Seattle,Tacoma,Sacramento,San Francisco, Oakland,Vallejo,San Jose and Eugene. This region is also the weed capitol of the us.
"From that Northwest coast"
by Showwoff June 11, 2006
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