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A phrase said in an italian accent meaning to be done or finished. Usually said when someone has done something wrong or messed up , when you tell someone they're threw.
Person1:"Boss I made a HUGE mistake, I added garlic to the spaghetti!"

You: "You idiot! Ya Threwfa!!!"
by Showstoppers October 20, 2009
Noun 1. A teenage girl who is very attractive to all boys. She is usually short, hot, fiesty, and she has at least one attractive body part such as her thighs, butt, or breast.
" Arial is so hot! She is one sexy Tinny Bopper!"
by Showstoppers January 05, 2010
Baw-shea or Baa-sh : Noun 1. A feeling of love and excitement which feels like no other. Love mixed with excitement and euphoria!

Adjective 2. Meaning "cool" or "hot"'.
1." When me and Lindsey kissed, I felt the baucshe in the air."
2." It's baucshe that Lindsey is ok with the break-up!"
by Showstoppers January 05, 2010
(Kur-bee) noun1. A fun contemporary word meaning lame or stupid: can be used any many forms such as or kirbying, kirbiness, kirbed .

2. a word meant to be said to get on adults, and uncool people's nerves. It is usually belted out when it's very quite, and ends in a loud outburst by many people joining in!

3. A word for any nerdy, geek, poindexter or annoyingperson who is just uncool. Dereiving from a 1997 band geek with a horrible haircut .

4. The name of an uncool hairstyle which is bald in the middle, with hair extending to the sides.
1. That was the lamest joke i've ever heard! You get a KIRBY!

2."Hey guys lets get on the librarian's nerves, lets say KIRBY until it gets really loud! kirby,Kirby,KIrby, KIRBy,KIRBY!

3. UH-OH here comes KIRBY with more lame jokes!

4.Your hair looks horrible! What style are you trying to sport, a KIRBY?
by Showstoppers December 12, 2009

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