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Funky looking mustache common among male porn stars
"hey that pornstache sure distracts from his huge member"
by Shower Stalker February 28, 2003
Piece of turd that actually tries to flow upstream of Lake Jackson Waterfall
by Shower Stalker March 29, 2003
Some one that enjoys the taste of Krusty Keblar
I wish that Keblar Elf would stop eating all of the Krusty Keblar from my underwear
by Shower Stalker November 23, 2002
Verb to describe self-defense mechanism of shutting down listening to protect against possible but likely catatonic state induced by montonic, ramblings of mindless, self-absorbed asshole. Failure to "Rassmute" can result in uncontrolled drooling and or acute tourettes.
Don't you be rassmutin my ass! You listen to me when I talk or I'll stick my boot so far up your ass, you'll taste the dogshit I just stepped in.
by Shower Stalker April 10, 2003
a bald headed man that is repeatedly sodomized by offshore riggers.
That guy thinks he knows everything, but he's really just a rigger monkey!
by Shower Stalker March 29, 2003
Kods: extremely small testicles (size and shape of raisins)
Not only does he have a tootsie roll dick, he has kods to boot
by Shower Stalker March 29, 2003

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