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A name synonymous with the word "shit". This group is a cluster of lower-functioning humans known in latin as "emos" (roughly translated, it means "crapbags"). These single brain-celled organisms originated in the basement of a middle class home and sprouted guitars after a period of misplaced belief in their own ability. Th result is utter tragedy, particularly for the music industry. There is more to protest about this 'band' than their wannabe-toughguy name. If they died painful, slow deaths, the world would somehow be a lot better.
Emo: Heyy niggs, you check out the new Protest the Hero cd?
Rational Human: No. If I wanted to hear shit I'd tape record myself taking a dump.
Emo: Hey I think that's the third track on their album...
Rational Human: Please die.
by Shove_It October 24, 2006
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