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Combination of sweetheart and fucktard.

A girlfriend who is intellectually challenged but has a lovely personality
Dave: Your new bird is lovely Pete but a gotta say she is a bit of a sweetard

Pete: My dad always go with a girl who is intellectually inferior as they give you less grief and are easily pleased.
by Shouty McShout April 15, 2005
For a guy act gay, poofy, girly or generally mince around
Pete:Did you see that guy prancing around last night in the pub
Dave: Yeah, he was acting so homish
by Shouty McShout April 11, 2005
Combination of homosexual and fantastic.

Something that is fantastically gay
Dave: Did you see that pink jeep
Pete: Yeah, it was homtastic
by Shouty McShout April 11, 2005
combination of gay and buddist.
A homosexual preacher or rights activist.
Dave: Pete, Can you stop going on about gay rights you are becoming a homist
Pete: What's a homist
Dave: Peter Thatchell
by Shouty McShout April 11, 2005
Homosexual or gay Ghost, spectre, phantom
Pete: I woke up this morning and my ass is sore as hell

Dave: You must of been buttfucked in the night by a homtasm
by Shouty McShout March 29, 2005
A death by homosexual act. Either a murder, suicide or accident
Captain Dave: Detective, I want you to go downtown and investigate the detah of that gay fella who choked on that horses cock
Detective Pete: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a homocide
by Shouty McShout April 11, 2005
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