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(noun) A narcotic vitamin

Most commonly used when one is referring to a drug as a vitamin in order to be lowkey about it, but the drug has already had it's effect on the person speaking, so it comes out as "vivatim"
As in;
"You should probably consider switching to edible vivatims due to the nature of your nasal injury"

or also

"Yo pass me the bag of vivatims I'm about to kick it up another notch"
by Shotgunthisword, Esq August 11, 2009
After you eject a disk, you preject it back in.

It only makes sense. After you eject a cd, you can preject it back in.
Or before a cd is ejected, it must first be prejected into the cd player
"Hey can you eject that cd for me, wipe it off, then preject it back in? Thanks"


"Yo who changed the music?? Preject my cd back in!"
by Shotgunthisword, Esq August 11, 2009

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