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A Colored person of african Descent living in america.

Most often without learning how to properly speak english or safely drive an automobile. Many of whom

do not understand what soap is for or why it is important to shower and wipe after urinating or defecating.

Many wear traditioanl Ubunga garb and refuse to brush their teeth after eating their meals of sour rice balls

and catfish heads. have been known to swear off water for the entire month of Ubunga-don.

Known to inhabit the neighborhood of Brooklyn Center in the state of Minnesota.

Also the offspring of an Ubunga.

pronounced OOH-bung-GAH
I was crossing the street and almost got ran over by that crazy Ubunga.

My work is always full of smelly Ubungas.

I'm sick and tired of all these Ubungas at the social security office.
by ShortCut763 November 04, 2010

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