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A loose term used to describe a girl, usually a cute girl. Rarely ever used to describe a baby chicken. A baby chicken is just... a baby chicken. So, Chick=(cute)girl.
Brad:Angelina's is such a nice chick
Matt: You already have a cute chick.

Chad:Cute chicks, man!
George:Are you talking about the baby chickens or that girl over there?
Chad:The chickens
by Shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 30, 2006
The guy who makes you feel really loved and he's always there to comfort you. Not needed to improve a female, but makes a great accessory. Often people call guys who are friends "boyfriends". Please spare us the confusion!
Not-single girl: "Last night my boyfriend took me to this romantic restaurant..."
Loner: "I wish I had a boyfriend!"

Girl: "John's a good boyfriend to me!"
Friend: "Are you guys going out?"
Girl: "He is a friend who is a guy!"
by Shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 10, 2006
A word that means:
Nearly Cold
People say it when:
THey think that someone/something is awesome and they rock;
They aren't interested but don't want to be rude
They are describing something that is practically cold
A: You're so cool
B: Thanks, you're also a great person

C: I like surfing on Saturdays, but sometimes it's to cold so then I..... (blah blah)
D: Cool

E: The weather's pretty cool
F: Yeah, they say it's gonna rain tomorrow
by Shopaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 30, 2006
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