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Noun: Any type of hard alcohol, usually cheap ass vodka
Dizz: Bitch, pass me the sabus, I'm gonna get wasted.
Edge: True
Dizz: Sabus is my brother.
by Shooty December 14, 2005
Small female sexual organ in which the engaging male partner has difficulty performing normal quaitus due to its unnormal size. Often resulting in large amounts of lube and occasionally the male subject being slapped during initial stretching phase.
"Man it took me like 10 mins to get the tip in she had some squirrel pussy"
by shooty October 11, 2014
Special Needs Drunk

A term describing a person that needs special attention when they get drunk, usually from his/her friends.
Yarv: Shooty, you were such an SND last night. You got kicked out of the bar for trying to steal a beer sign. Then you tried to convince the cops that the bouncers planted the sign in your pants. I had to drag your ass down the street and you punched a wall and broke your hand.
by Shooty January 06, 2006
Interjection: An expression used to ridicule an idiot who says something stupid; usually done by the ridicular directly into the idiot's face; must be done in context, with tightly pressed lips, a shit-eating grin, wide open eyes, and a parkinson type head shake.
Yarv: Dude, you shouldn't have done that.
Shooty: (Directly in Yarv's face) HMMMM...Kyum on Yarvie!
Yarv: Whatever.
by Shooty December 14, 2005

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