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A greeting used by people in the north of England, predominantely good ol' Yorkshire. It is used instead of the words "how do you do" and can also be a reply to itself.
e.g.1 - Seth: "How doo?"
Eric: "Not s'bad lad n ursen?"

e.g.2 - Seth: "How doo"
Eric: "How doo"
by Shoots August 29, 2006
The regional symbol of the county of Yorkshire, England.
The best county in england.
If you have heard of The War of The Roses, then you will know if refers to the war between Yorkshire and Lancashire, in which Yorkshire was represented by the White Rose and Lancashire by the Red Rose.

Although Yorkshire sadly lost the war (much to the dismay of the proud race of yorkshire folk), the symbol is still a beacon of hope and pride, and is used proudly on all things Yorkshire.

seth: white rose country is place f'me.
eric: aye lad, dont feel safe in't red rose country thaself.
by shoots August 15, 2007
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