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Latin form of the phrase "big douche".
You're name is Max? More like Maximus Douchimus. (laughter)
by Shooter McGavin June 04, 2005
In poker, especially Hold 'Em, the act of betting an obscenely large amount of money on a bluff, in order to force your opponent to back down. We made this up a couple months ago to mess with this kid who said he was a rounder.
Aww man, are you gonna let him strong stack you like that?
by Shooter McGavin June 01, 2005
The time at which a person or group of people is so tired that they begin talking like pirates.
Lawrence: You guys want to go to another bAAARRR?

Yolanda: I don't think I'm sober enough to drive my cAAARRR.

Reginald: The Beastmaster's name is DAAAARRR.

Bartender: Oh shit, it's pirate:30.
by Shooter McGavin December 05, 2008

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