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Most people label him as untalented and unrelentlessly saying "YEAAH", "WHAAT?", and "OOKKAAY". He's actually a producer, not a rapper, although he does say whole lot more than people credit him for. If anything, he's a genius. Not just anybody can get millions by saying 3 words consecutively. He also helped kick off L'il Scrappy's career, and that Dave Chapelle Show episode was in COLLABORATION with Li'l Jon. Pay attention dummy.
Check dis out right (Yea)
Lil' Jon and the motherfuking East Side Boyz
The Kings of Krunk
Back at you with some new shit
Now just because we went platinum and shit don't mean we gone change nigga
We the muthafuking Kings of Krunk and we gon' always keep this muthafucker krunk
Now let's talk about some more music

-from the song, "What You Gon' Do

He actually has a whole verse too. If that doesn't shut you up why don't you go settle the score with him hm?
by ShoonXL January 12, 2005
Real name is Shawn Carter. He born December 4. He gets ragged on alot but he deserves more credit. He jump started Rocawear, he helped Kanye West, and no matter what he says he ain't retired. That beef with Nas is still ongoing but Jay-Z should quiiiiiit. He's a decent rapper, even though some of his rhymes make no sense.
But bein tyrant, comin through your environment
Iron mask, nigga iron gas, nigga I am back

- from "Hovi Baby"
by ShoonXL January 15, 2005
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