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A little old man who goes around collecting cans from trash cans so he can recycle them. He wears yellow, rubber gloves and a white fisherman's hat.
Look, it's the can man, he's a rare species.

Don't go talk to the can man, you'll disturb his habitat.
by Shomo February 21, 2005
The ultimate hook up place for emo high schoolers.
OH EMM GEE! I saw your pic on myspace. Wanna have sex?
by Shomo February 19, 2005
One who is into the scene hard core, and usually is a poseur. A lot of the time people become scene core to be cool, but really they have no clue what it is to be scene. Most scene core girls have the really short hair that they can't pull all the way back, and wear lots of "thrif store" clothes, which they really bought at A&F. Scene core guys wear girl pants and dye their hair black with side bangs.
Whoa, Chelsea became so scene core this weekend.
by Shomo November 23, 2004
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