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Food that is inevitably consumed after getting stoned. Obviously a parody of the spelling s-n-a-c-k-s.
Gaz: "Hey after this 400th game of Fusion Frenzy and a few thousand games of DOA, do you wanna head to the convenience store for some snax? I'm fuckin starving."
Dave: "Word."
by Shogun Yeti July 13, 2009
(Emergency Room Doctor) A derogatory term used to describe someone who is up to date or knows what's going on in a situation, but loves to inform others of their perceptiveness. Usually used sarcastically.
Example 1
Horatio: This John Doe obviously died of auto erotic asphyxiation*puts on sunglasses* What a wanker...

Bystander: Wow! That Horatio detective dude is a real ER-Doc. He definitely has his finger on the pulse.

Horatio: Arrest that bystander! He must have committed the murder! Only a wanker would make a pun that bad!

Example 2
Nurse: Quick! This patient is flat-lining!

ER Doctor:*checking pulse of patient* Hurry up people! This patient is dying!
by Shogun Yeti June 26, 2009
The feeling (or laziness) associated with getting stoned, where you don't feel like doing anything; not even the most easy and beneficial tasks such as changing the TV with the remote or getting snax.
Man, I'm so blash I can't be fucked getting up to smoke another cone.
by Shogun Yeti July 13, 2009

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