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Mensa corner is a titled area of the workplace containing very bright employees partial to unprovoked outbursts of song, jokes, and good natured ribbing of co-workers. Often times the workers may appear to be not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but do not be deceived - they will prove to be worthy adversaries in any type of contest that doesn't require physical feats of strength, or large numbers.
Sarah: wow, this is a soft ball
Alice: I wish I had balls this soft bouncing off my forehead!
Frank: HELLO!
Jack: Welcome to the Mensa corner.
Kaze: Matt just logged in
by Shoeshine March 27, 2008
a crafty booze hound partial to dumplings and anything chocolate. Typically they like to laugh, and dance by themselves whilst looking in a floor to ceiling mirror. On Thursdays, this becomes a naked ritual. A secondary definition, although not as common, is an ancient ceramic vessel used to store grains and magic beans.
"wow, look at that chick - she's plastered, and dancing like a maniac. I haven't seen an Edessa like that in a while...oh wait, is that a chocolate bar?"
"better cover up the Edessa, looks like a storm is brewing; I'd hate to have our grain and beans to get wet"
by Shoeshine March 31, 2008
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