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German INDUSTRIAL (not heavy metal danmit) band who rocks complete ass. named after an air show disaster, and their first song was by the same name
hier kommt die sonne
by shoeless joe April 29, 2004
to stick a girls foot on your cock and rub it until orgasim
"i want you to cum on my feet"
by shoeless joe March 24, 2003
A measurement of size used for various things. The smaller the gauge the larger the object is. In the case of Shotgun bore size, 12 gauge is essentially .729 caliber (or fractions of an inch) in diameter.
"Have you ever fired a 1oz deer slug from a 12 gauge? Ouch that makes most guns feel like BB-guns after that." -Some guy that just tried 12 gauge slugs
by Shoeless Joe April 02, 2007
HED (PE) a talented rap/rock artist, who knows how to party.
(not for goth faggots who think all rap sucks)
shalala here it comes again
shalala here it comes again
what a crazy life
-hed pe
by shoeless joe August 19, 2003
nGet's off by the feeling of his car. Is sexually aroused by cars.
Chris. Just chris.
by shoeless joe March 24, 2003
talented crack rock music
skillful godly music, that landed them a record deal and on tour with ozzy osbourne straight from cape coma. not, i repeat, NOT nu metal
everybody from the front to back, get in the pit show me where your at!
by shoeless joe August 11, 2003
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