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you have to have a piece of ice ready for this . when a man is getting a girl doggie style and hits a woman in both legs . Then quickly shoves the ice in her ass. Causing her to jump up and walk like a penguin.
I was deep into a good fuck session with my wife when I gave that cheating bitch The Angry Penguin.
by Shocky McShockerson January 15, 2009
When a woman is giving a guy head and her cooter is by his face and she say " I dont care what it is shove it in me " so the guy reaches over and grabs the remote control and quickly shoves it in her love hole , so as to not bring her attention to what it was that was just used to plesure her.
My girlfriend was giving me great head so i performed a new move i learned from my ex called The Channel Surfer.
by Shocky McShockerson January 15, 2009

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