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3 definitions by Shockman

An optional answer for someone involved in a clusterfuck when they're asked how it's going.
"How it going with that project?"
"It's clusterfucktabulous!"
by Shockman February 22, 2006
Secretly wished-for plan to dispose of those Americans and Britons born between 1946 and 1952 who still boringly insist on the '60s generation's overwhelming cultural relevance & greatness.
*Another* fucking Stones tour? Boomeradication NOW!
by shockman September 14, 2007
An expression used to celebrate succeeding while either very high or faking it.

Refers to a line 3:07 into "Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No"--James Blagden's animation of Pirates pitcher Ellis's retelling of the no-hitter he pitched on acid--when Ellis recounts a play where he very gracefully covers first base.
Q: Dude, the client loved those concepts you did last night.
A: Cool, cuz I was high as fuck when I wrote em. Oooh I just made a touchdown!
by Shockman November 18, 2009