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When the one who is your whole world suddenly destroys any ounce of self esteem you have left by breaking it off with you to be wit some stanky bitch you hate. He never gives you the real reason of why he left, he makes up every excuse in the book of why it's your fault. Then when you try to be civilwith him he completely ignores you. You're so in love that you have your best friend talk to him because all you want to know is WHY. Then your friend asks why he wouldn't at least be your friend and he makes up the shitty excuse of " because the breakup didn't go well" no shit. I am completely and utterlyin love with yiou and everything was fine until suddenly you woke up and decided to shatter my heart into a million pieces. Then when it's been 2 years and you've been depressed and let yourself go, gaining at least 50 pounds, you haven't even tried getting with other guys because he is the only one you want, and the worst part is, he probably doesn't even know that you still think about him everyday and you still hurt in your heart every second because of him. you see he is happy, he has a new girl,You envyher and you loathehis happiness. You just want him to feel how you feel,worthless of anyone and anything. You try to explain to your friends what your going through and they just don't get it. They tell you everything will be okay eventually. It won't be okay it will never be okay. And you will NEVER get over him.
Person: whatever happened to Miranda?She was such a beautiful, outgoing, happy person!

Best friend: She was perfectly fine until that asshatKyler gave her a damn broken heart.
by Shockey27 June 04, 2013
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