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1 definition by Shockedboi

A term coined as in response to male (mainly straight) insecurity of sexuality. The term is supposed to be applied to "straight" males and is supposed to be a step on from the metrosexual - which is a straight guy who's not afraid to be mistaken for gay.

Ubersexuals are supposed to be real men and embody the qualities of real men; confidence - like Alexander the Great; decisiveness, like Alexander the Great; but who are also in touch with their feminine sides and a wow with the "ladies" - like Alexander the Great... But they are straight - no mistaking - because they embody the best of (Uber) manhood; displaying the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength, and class - leaving no doubt as to thier (straight) sexual orientation.
Not Alexander the Great; Not Marlon Brando; definitely not Casanova - he'd probably qualify as metrosexual anyhow; Not Hadrian (Emperor of the wall), and of course you can forget the really obvious ones like Rock Hudson: Or anyone in a rock band...

...apart from Bono who is apparently the worlds leading Ubersexual... cause anyone in the performing arts doesn't qualify for consideration of normaly manliness - unless it's Bono of course but then he is the worlds leading...
by Shockedboi June 15, 2010