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2 definitions by Shock top!!!

When you are having anal sex and your partner farts as you ejaculate causing a blast off experience!!!
Melissa: Danm girl!! what happened to your head???
Destinee: Well, Mark was giving it to me saucy last night and by saucy i mean I ate a hefty meal at applebees.
Melissa: eww girl, thats disgusting I haven't eaten there since I got my penis removed!! but go on.....
Destinee: Anyway weirdo!! I butt-trumpeted real hard right as he came and I blasted off hitting my head on the ceiling!!!
Melissa: Danm girl, you know eating at applebees is correlated to a higher potential of the Russian Rocket.
by Shock top!!! July 17, 2008
When you and twenty-five of your friends stand on a roof above of a high traffic pedestrian walkway and choke the chicken over hundreds of people. This is an enviornmental phenomenon which occurs at any time of the year, not just winter.
Joe: dude were you walking through the quad yesturday???
Mark: No, why Joe?
Joe: Hundreds of us walking to class experienced a snow like substance falling upon our heads, but it was a little bit goopier
Mark: Shit dude, I forgot to tell you it was going to Vermont snow storm!!!!
Mark and twenty-five of his frat brahs stood over the quad at the University of Michigan and brought Vermont's weather to Ann Arbor.
by Shock top!!! July 17, 2008