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A feline with an unhealthy attraction to children with intent of intercourse, unfortunatly due to international animal cruelty laws pedocats roam free across the globe with next to no policing. Some notable pedocats Tabby 'Ass Master' Pussykins, Tybalt 'S&M' Didums and Felix 'The Fiddler' Puspus.
OH MY GOD JAMES GET AWAY FROM HIM! Thats Gizmo Mrs Smith's Moggy it's a filthy pedocat!
by ShoTown October 25, 2004
From Latin: Minituriouse Bonerium
Not so secret code for an inadiquatly sized male sex organ. Often used by retards, spastics and nazis.

See Also:
pig benis
Pedium Menis
Chris: Hey Lewis you seem to have an extremely Pall Smenis.
Lewis: What? What is a Pall Smenis?
Chris: HAHAHA You dumb fuck
Lewis: Whaaaa?
by ShoTown October 25, 2004
Pedophillic character from BBC UK's Comedy series Monkey Dust.

see also pedocat
Did you see pedodog last night?


by ShoTown October 25, 2004

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