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the definition of uncool pants.
usually baggy and old, the kind you wear for comfort and not for looks.
mostly grey as a result of bad washing, usually stretched with age and often seriously lacking elastic.
pants that i would be devastated to be caught wearing in the throws of fondling.
'my god those are one hella grannypants she got hanging out there!'
by shmurgally <3 November 16, 2008
someone who emulates good ole albus dumbledore from harry potter. This can be done in numerous ways:
1) being very hairy. this does not just have to be in the beard department. it can be eyebrows, nostrils, ears or err..anywhere else.
2) specs
3) a quivvering voice - very popular amongst the aging.
4) gowns/robes
5) tendancy to get their wand out and flash it around a bit too much
6) walking with a hunch/eccentric stride
7) generally acting like someone who believes they own a whole magical realm yet having the assetts of an old man.

these are only a few ways to identify a dumble.
dumble-pube can also be used to describe anything wispy and grey that looks unlikely to be a dumble-beard.
'omg what a dumble!!!!!!!!!!'
'wow he is literally the most bumbling dumble i have ever seen.'
'indeed he seems to fumble more than even the most renouned dumble himself!!!'
etc etc
by Shmurgally <3 November 16, 2008

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