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Those kids at your school that everyone hates because they're ridiculously confident and cool. In fact, they're the only ones that don't realise that no-one likes them, they think everyone wants to be them (they're total dims). They wear the juicy sweaters and have the fake nails and are total {bitches}. Originally, mip stood for Meanie In a Pot, from a stupid inside joke the Mips had; complete with song that was enflicted on everyone.
O lord...what Mips!! They're all wearing pink with jeans...except for Jenna...I guess she missed the memo.

She's become such a mip ever since she dumped Jack.
by shmooks June 24, 2006
A website made for sex-craved teenagers who have nothing more to do than cyber-fuck someone they think is 18, but is actually 35, and lives in his mother's basement.

Myspace was made by Satan himself, and is run by Hitler and his Nazi army.
Oh yes, Hitler's still alive. Just to keep this whore-riffic site going.

Teenagers eagerly check their Myspace accounts every five minutes, hoping for a new comment, and instead find nothing.
Often, when they do find a comment, they will bitch about it, sobbing as they think "omg how kuld dey sey dat bout me?1/!?!1//", then go to slit their wrists like the little emo children they are.

Point: Myspace = Death. Don't do it kids.
Kid 1: Oh, let me check my My space.
Kid 2: Okay.

Kid 1: *reads comments* ... Razor, please.
Kid 2: Always keep it next to my computer. *hands it to him

Kid 1: Blood orgy?
Kid 2: Yes please.
by Shmooks February 12, 2006

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