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The irritability that is often caused by the come down of amphetamines.
1 - "So you're telling me he couldn't get the jelly open so he smashed it on the floor?"
2- "Yeah, well this is about when his adderall wears off, you know how he can get sometimes."
1 - "Oh shit, you're right. Looks like he is extra amphetamean today."
#adderall #vyvanse #amphetamines #amphetamine #irritable #mood swings #depressed
by Shmontag January 19, 2012
When someone is so drunk that they lose all ability to read or write. Most commonly in the form of unreadable text messages.
John: "i waxqrt tiop eserr typou ytoniuhgt"
Sarah "Oh wow, looks like John's birthday is going great so far, its not even noon and he's already obliterit"
#drunk texts #drunk #hammered #wasted #shit faced #obliterated #sober #21st birthday #booty call
by Shmontag January 19, 2012
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