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Straight but curious and ok to admit it. On a spectrum of Gay-Straight they know they are leaning towards straight and are probably more straight than most homophobes who are afraid to question their sexuality. The heteroskeptical is looking to explore but will probably, like any reasonable person, only explore to be sure so that he/she doesnt make the wrong decision.
My best friend asked me if I would ever hook up with a guy as a joke. I said yes. He was kind of shocked. Then I explained that it was not out of some crazy desire or hidden gayness that I wanted to try it, but rather out of a desire to be sure I was making the right decisions on this big question. Then he understood and said, "I think we're all a little heteroskeptical if we really dig deep enough, just like you can never be totally sure about the God question, you just have to really explore the options to come to your conclusion."
by Shmellow March 16, 2009

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