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Some gal with a smokin' body, but with a nasty helmet.
Did you see the rack on that bitch- and how about that caboose, butterface could wake up the dead.
by Shmeckster March 28, 2003
originally submitted by "Shmeckster" but some ass clown deleted it:

A term used when you see some dirty bitch that you want to fantasize about later that night when you are doing the five knuckle chuckle. In other words you are going to put her in the Beat Off Memory Bank B.O.M.B.
Dude 1: See that hotty over there?
Dude 2: What a piece of ass, can you imaging banging her?
Dude 1: I'll be getting her later tonight, cause I just threw her in the B.O.M.B.
by Shmeckster October 12, 2004

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