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a person with a REMEDIAL bank account, an affinity for the outdoors and gets higher than most...
i would have went to the movies with kathy but, shroomdog thousandaire split a tab of acid with me and talked me into a hike..
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
someone who over extends themselves emotionally towards a person in a relationship and participates in traditional courting activities in an attempt to create a sexual event horizon..
spencer used to superbutt date lindsay when he was wasted mostly..
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
Verb- taking a leaky dump on a person who is on fire in an attempt to put them out...
uhm, like, spencer was wasted and fell pon the campfire but, luckily eric had spent the day at taco bell, thus, he was able to shitpagne supernova him and saved his LIFE,...LIFE...LIFE
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
a sudden outburst of excellence at math or video games/being sneaky
i am sick of torrey blake's street fighter chineserie
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
having sex with a post-op transexual whom you fully believe to be a woman..
i did body shots out of that grainy tunnel all night / read i hope they serve beer in hell
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
a women so well endowed that her oppenings for milk flow could fit a baby carrot in them.
the baby was hungry but, his mother's titty mouffs were so large that the milk flow nearly choked the baby..
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011
a person of middle eastern descent, whom spend 90-95% of their time wasted while managing a skanky motel...
The party was great until drunkdog trillionaire barfed on the babbys birthday cake
by Shmanye west October 16, 2011

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