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1. when a woman is feeling broody. this means that she is starting to see babies, and all that having one entails, in a much more positive light. she may start mentioning things like her "biological clock" and maybe even do something as drastic as stop taking the pill in order to satisfy her maternal urges.

2. a word that is a cross between 'lucky' and 'close'
1. boyfriend discovers girlfriends pill packet:
"oh dear god... she's skipped the last WEEK! please don't tell me she's feeling clucky!"

2. while your mixing up a very big batch of pancakes, the bowl slips off the table, but right before it smashes onto the floor you catch it in a freak-reaction-speed-reflex-action; a miracle.
a bystander comments "gee dude, that was clucky!"
by shmal November 11, 2005
a doof-doofer is a guy aged roughly early to mid 20s who is obsessed with their car/s.
their top priority is their car/s, their girl/s (see also: bitch, woman, wench) come second.
their car/s, and any subsequent activities such as polishing, updating and racing their car/s will generally take up more time than anything else in their lives.
doof-doofers can generally be seen hanging around petrol stations in the city late at night accompanied by a possible hundred other peers and their cars, racing each other around the city with their full-sick-subwoofers blaring.
the name originates from the sound of their car as it whizzes past, either full of bass (doof, doof, doof) or techno beats (nns, nns, nns)
girl: hey mom i met this really nice guy, he has a super car and we're going for a drive ok?
mom: i don't want any doof-doofers in this family!!

girl1: so whats your new boyfriend like?
girl2: oh you know, he's a bit of a doof-doofer
girl1: ohhhhh...
by shmal November 07, 2005
V. The attempt to speak words and form a sentencing, but the end result is nothing but a conjuction of jibberish and mumbled words.
You tried talking to me about it, but you were so drunk you ratliffed out
by Shmal October 30, 2012
you've all seen them at some stage in your lives.
they're those freaky old guys who run up to you in the middle of the city, stinking of alcohol and/or faeces, either mumbling about the end of the world or screaming obscenities or urging you to listen to their jokes.
typical physical features include a lack of teeth, grotty clothes, a bottle in a brown paper bag, shifty eyes and possibly a mutt at their heels
a group of people are walking down the street, approximately 11pm when a nuff-nuff staggers up to them and slurs:
"wwhhhy did the sshhjelly bean wanna go to sshhhkool?"
amused grins and shrugs all round
"cos he wanted to be a SMARTY!! RAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA"
nuff-nuff runs away, gibberish with excitement.
by shmal November 07, 2005
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