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porn but in your head. also known as an imagination wank. its just ware you wank to nothing but wot your thinking of and the good thing is it can be anyone, anyware in any hole! be careful tho if the person you are thinking of finds out you was thinking of them then thay may cry imagination rape!
yeah man that imagination wank was the best ever!britney spears in her hay day made for sum mint mind porn!
#porn #wank #imagination #sex #cock #jeb end
by shlongus the pillager July 05, 2008
a man who never has weed but likes to scav all yours. other words for this type ov scrounge include weed monkey, weed chimp or ganja whore
king chong a prime example is a chap called mark gavey resiting of the smithy bridge area near holling worth lake
#weed #monkey #chimp #ganja #maruajana #king
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008
a term used to describe a sausage roll? don't no what i mean? turn the son of a bitch round and check out the end of it!
i'll be back in ten minuits love am just nippin down to burneys for a cats bum hole.
#sausage roll #cat #bum #hole #burneys #sausage #pastries
by shlongus the pillager July 01, 2008
someone who manages to seduce and intice a member of the female sex. he does this using nothing but his lyrical magic. in laments terms he can fuck a woman in her mind with song.
barry white is the founder of lyrical rapism.
#rape #lyrical #rapism #founder #barry white
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008
basically its the inner sweet nectar of a womans vaginal quaters. the juice that drips from the minge when a female is sexually aroused.
yeah man! i got thet bird drippin last night! i could have bathed in her quim phlegm!
#quim #discharge #phlegm #sex #shagging
by shlongus the pillager July 01, 2008
the smell of a dirty penis. often a man with a giffin cock is easyly noticeable by the aroma of meat and potato pies comeing from his crotch
awwww man did you smell adams breath last night? it was a propa giff
#cock #gif #potato #adam #cheese #bitches #aint #shit #pie #smell #penis
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008
a commonly used name for a short, fat, african/american lookin fool AKA Ice Cube the rapper. commonly found in groups of gang members some which have aids. one of thes is another gang member formally known as easy E the rapper with HIV AKA Easy Aids, now deceased.
"crazy mutha fucka named ice nigger comming from a gang called niggaz with aids".
#ice #nigger #nigga #aids #hiv #rapper
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008
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