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People who live or work in Newport, Tennessee.
Christina-Eww, look at that Newport Nasty!
Josh-Eww, hold your breath.
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
When your brain doesn't process things the way it normally would. Usually caused by doing 2CB, mushrooms, acid, and/or ETC.
Sam was talking to Zona when he got totally mind-fucked.
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
1. For teenagers: Uncontrolable physical feelings for someone.

2. Wanting nothing more then to be with that person compation for that person or people, and living every second to try to make them happy.
1. John- Samantha I love you so much.
Samantha- You just want in my pants.
John- ...so?

2. Denham- Jennie I've loved you for 52 years, and I'll love you for 52 more.
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
A girl or boy whoes actions or words resemble deepfried female reproductive orgins.
Christina- Dude you look like shit.

Taylor- Yeah, well you're a cunt nuget!
by Shleeby94 June 05, 2009
1. Immature behavures.

2. More mature then a freshman in highschool. Yet, not as mature as an upper-class men.
1. Steveo- Kassie, I'm so tired of your sophmoric behaviors.

2.You are way to sophmoric to go to Prom.
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
1. People who enjoy drugs or herbs. They may pick from one or more of these: marijuana, LSD, 2CB, Cocaine, and/or heroine. They enjoy getting high and chillin out.

2. People who use illegal drugs to distract them from their feelings or make them feel better for a while.
Look at that stoner he looks like he's having a good time.
by Shleeby94 June 01, 2009
STB means Steal Toed Boot
Hanah- Ouche, What was that?!
Shelby- Just my STB's, man.
by Shleeby94 June 02, 2009

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