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N. The combination of the terms 'shizzle' and 'wizard', meaning a cool person with magical abilities.

Not to be confused with the other definition of 'shizzard' meaning a shitty blizzard
The cocky rapper thought his rhymes were magical, thus calling himself the Shizzard.
#shizzard #shizzle #wizard #shit #blizzard
by Shizzzard July 13, 2009
Something or somebody who is cool, sly, or even a pimp. May also mean the act of being cool, pimping, or trapping.
"Damn dog, that was the dankest rhyme I had ever heard." The boy said, talking about the dank rapper.

"Dude, that shirt is totally dank, you should buy it!"

"When I fucked that chick last night, it was dank."
#dank #dope #cool #fucker #rapping #pimping #trapping
by Shizzzard July 13, 2009
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