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Another word for homosexual
Someone who like to use their penis to plough the muddy field, or in other words, other men's bottoms.
"Nathan why are you such a turd tunneler? most guys don't appreciate being ploughed the way you excercise this delicate practice, were not all backstreet boys"
by Shizlgog July 13, 2007
Stands for: Archaeology Pirates Fight Club

A Fight club created by students in the taunton deane area as a challenege to the reccent uprising of Chav Fight Clubs in the area. Used more of a mocking device rather than a actually physical challenge, although will NOT turn down a challenge. The APFC's main rivals are CDLFC (Costa Del Lydeard Fight Club) and the HFC (Holway Fight Club). To this day the APFC reigns supreme.
"Oh dude did you hear of that massive stand off in the centre of town? the police were there but the APFC totally owned the CDL's asses!"
by Shizlgog July 15, 2007
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