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when a penis is used to launch a beer cap into beer pitcher placed on a platform approx. 7 feet up , and from about 4 feet out from the shooter.
comparable to throwing a paper ball into a trash can, only much more precise and with your penis.

turn the side opposite to your launching arm towards your target, then place a bottle cap on hand supported male genitalia, focus on target. Once ready , use a rapid upward movement of the arm to propel the cap up,over, and into the beer pitcher(Bouncing off the ceiling is allowed). Best results occur with a strong follow through, and although the arm movement will generate nearly all the force needed make the shot , the last point of contact must be the penile unit itself.

Verifying the shot:

The "R.J.S." should be attempted with at least one witness present. Filming it in one continuous shot is allowed if you have no friends willing to stare at your flipping dong for extended periods of time.

Safety: after extended hauls of "rick james shot" attempts its wise to rest your catapult for at least a half an hour, and rethink your life. Also make sure to use the smooth side of the bottle cap, to avoid dick tetanus.

Tradition:On completion of a shot, It is customary to buy a new shooter a sixer of pbr, as the "R.J.S." is extremely difficult, and calls or celebration.
One cold Wisconsin night house mates Jim and Mitch where tossing bottle caps into a beer pitcher in there kitchen, when fellow renter joey appeared with his pants around his ankles, and a bottle cap resting on his baloney pony. He then proceeded to launch the bottle cap, flinging his bottle capped Wang towards the target. Upon completion of the shot townsfolk proclaimed," Hurra! A rick james shot was made this day!"
by Shiv Stonebasch February 12, 2013

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