14 definitions by Shiv

A very small detail
d3wd that is 0n3 n4n0d3t41l
by Shiv October 08, 2003
when one has uncontrollable bowl movements due to bad diarreah
dude i need a diaper or somthing...i've got killer hershey squirts
by shiv March 14, 2004
Shitting into a vagina then coming on it then eating it. Out of its vagina.
I potlard this dumb ass clown.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
See Mathew;

To wrap a penis in ham.
I peniswrapped mathew.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
A person who uses hacking programs to hack because they have no 1337 sk1llz
You stupid little script kitty
by Shiv October 08, 2003
To cum, sometimes in a chile chute
I busted a nut in Mathew.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
Likes Mayonnaise
hey Mayo Boy!
by Shiv July 27, 2003

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