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a gut that is invisible when clothing is worn; a small or well concealed shitgut
You thought that Maury was in shape, but you're wrong. I saw him without his shirt on and he had a hidegut!
by ShitgutSal March 23, 2004
a gut that changes shape often; e.g. when person has a gut, loses it, and gains it back again; dervived from mercurial gut
What's with you? First you have a shitgut, then you go to the gym and get a ripgut, and now you're fat again. When is that mercgut gonna calm down?
by ShitgutSal March 23, 2004
The excess fat deposits in a man or woman's stomach; a gut. Negative connotation; often used insultingly.
Check out Jason Alexander's shitgut. It's terrible.
by ShitgutSal March 05, 2004
a muscular or well toned abdominal region. See antonym at shitgut
I saw Bobby in the locker room and boy did he have a ripgut.
by ShitgutSal March 23, 2004

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