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A place where you upload videos & post comments to upset someone & start an argument.The arguments are usually one sided.It's loaded with pathetic, uneducated losers from across the globe.It's where most people argue about how this or that band are a bunch of "posers".Or, how the members of a band are "fagnuts" or "pussies".A place where whimps respond to someone who likes a band & says kill yourself.
Youtube user 1:All That Remains are posers.
Youtube user 2: o yeah well STFU Id like to c u do better then them

Example 2:

Youtube user 3:This cover song is better den da original
Youtube user 4:kill oyurself

Example 3:
Youtube user 5:Neil Young sucks he has a old whiney voice only a douche would choose that fagnut then Type O Fuckin Negative.
Youtube user 6: Neil Young is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame and made original music unlike Type O Negative.
by Shitallica April 11, 2010
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