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A cocktail composed of 25 ml vodka, 25 ml peach schnapps and 50 ml of cranberry juice. Served on the rocks in a highball glass. Can be served with a lime wedge as garnish, but only if aesthetic value is necessary. The perfect cocktail for getting wasted quickly, as the peach schnapps neutralises the bitterness of both the cranberry juice and the vodka, leaving an extremely smooth, cool and highly alcoholic beverage. Enjoy.
You want to get shit-faced fast with a decent tasting, highly alcoholic beverage? You drink a Woo Woo or three.
by Shit Happens, then You Wipe January 02, 2011
A concept defined by men as a fulfilling and brief encounter with a beautiful woman.

A concept defined by women as non-existent. Suggested alternative: Doritos and dip.
If you are a man, you need no example. If you are a woman, an example would be like trying to describe sound to a deaf person. Discontinue trying to receive satisfaction.
by Shit Happens, Then You Wipe September 19, 2010
An ultra smooth cocktail served on the rocks in a chilled champagne glass. Contains 60 ml Baileys Irish Cream, 30 ml vodka, 30 ml coconut milk, dash of grenadine. Very sweet and satisfying. Goes down like a highly alcoholic chocolate milk. Enjoy.
The Paddy's Peril can easily be passed off as a glass/flask of chocolate milk in any place or for any occasion. I'm not suggesting you could take it to work and drink it right in front of your boss without him/her ever having the slightest idea, but there you go. ;)
by Shit Happens, Then You Wipe January 08, 2011
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