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a ninja and an angel combined to make a very awesome thing
man1: "hey bro, itsa ninjelica!"
man2: :"do you think it could ninja kick me to heaven?"
man3:"i don't think you're going to heaven."
by Shishkabob Vanyumyum April 17, 2013
shefou can mean exactly anything. this awesomeness is so awesome that you can only use it in times of great awesomeness, sexiness, or just regularness
man #1 : "hey dude did you see that shefou girl?"

man # 2 : "yea dude! she's so fricken hot!"
by Shishkabob Vanyumyum April 17, 2013
rolling on the floor laughing so hard that i dropped my taco and the taco got up and ate me whole
m1: i dropped my taco today
m2: omg did it rotflshtidmtattguaamw?
m1: no
m2: U SUCK
by Shishkabob Vanyumyum April 21, 2013
Trevor is a fugly gay fegit an he has a lot of acne. Trevor is actually very considerate though, and pays attention to people's feelings. And he provides lots of chocolate.
Man1: hey did u see Trevor??

Man2: yeas. He's a fegit.

Girl1: but he gave me chocolate
Man1 and Man2: woo he's awesome
by Shishkabob Vanyumyum February 15, 2014
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