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also written as moé.

A Japanese slang term (ironically, first employed by otaku) used to refer to the fetish for or sexual attraction to idealized people, usually a fictional perfect young girl.

Since then, moé has come to be used as a general term for a hobby, mania or fetish (non-sexual or otherwise). This is contrasted with otaku, which would be taking the specific hobby, mania or fetish to harmful levels.
Chiise is so moé, even while slaughtering entire armies...
by Shirushi Otahime July 05, 2005

A recent system of beliefs and rituals revolving around worship and adoration of the lolicon as ideal.
When an your attraction to lolis are beyond sexual, that is when you are experiencing loliism.
by Shirushi Otahime July 05, 2005
Function: verb

1) to change or alter in form, appearance, or structure into a loli
2) to compare the subject to someone/something with loli characteristics
He wondered how could anyone lolify his well-meaning intentions toward her.
by Shirushi Otahime June 21, 2005

1) The act of lolifying (as in worship);

2) The state of being lolified
The lolification of Sasami above other loli is matched only by the equal lolification of Sakura.
by Shirushi Otahime July 05, 2005
Function: adjective of lolify

The process of becoming a loli. (See the manga and anime Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan for examples).
"Oh, no! They've been lolified!"
by Shirushi Otahime June 21, 2005

A portrayal of the state of loli as ideal.
See also lolification.
by Shirushi Otahime July 05, 2005

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