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3 definitions by Shirty McSame

When you attempt to seduce another with an enticing look, however the look fails and you are looking at the other person with your eye squinted and your lip up (making you look like a pirate)...often more embarrassing when you give a hardy "ARRRR" along with the look.
Bill: "Sally gave me a peg leg yesterday."
Tim: "Why?"
Bill: "I gave her the pirate eye last week."
by Shirty McSame March 06, 2003
14 9
To have sexual relations with another.
Jenny: "You hung out with Carlos last night?"
Michelle: "Yes, we pieced it up."
Jenny: "That's what I'm talkin bout!"
by Shirty McSame March 06, 2003
0 3
To make out profusely with another hardcore.
I played the trumpet with your mom all last night.
by Shirty McSame March 06, 2003
3 13