3 definitions by Shiro's hope

A really cute guy on the popular anime show Naruto.A guy who some girls on the site Fanfiction seem to enjoy writing stories about.Mostly as a vampire.
"Oh,my gosh.Let's write a vampire story about Gaara.He is SO fine."
by Shiro's hope May 11, 2009
The beginning of a new "Twilight" millenium.The next generation of Twilight books.
Twinight is the best vampire story I ever read.
by Shiro's hope June 24, 2009
A really hot celeb who has starred in both film sensations Hairspray & High School Musical.He has a strange way of being ugly and cute.Sometimes at the same time.Lots of girls go crazy over him....Sluts.
"Oh,my gosh!That Zac Efron is SO fine!"
"He belongs in a museum for hotties!"
"You wish.Twitty little fangirls."
by Shiro's hope May 14, 2009

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