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1.the most kick ass marching band in the entire world.
2. the only marching band capable of having magic!
1."Man, did you hear about the Golden Regiment?" "Dude, I worship them!"

2. "Quick kids, here comes the Golden Regiment. Let's hope we can get some of that GR magic!"
by ShirleytheSax! December 23, 2008
1) a phrase used to describe something truly amazing!

2) a phrase that will make you lose the game! HAHA, YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!

3) brian, cara, and michael, 'nough said
1) Why, that cactus is outlandish and fantastic!

2) I feel outlandish and fantastic! DAG NABIT, I JUST LOST THE GAME!
by ShirleytheSax! December 27, 2008

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