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DUCK TAPE is the most amazing thing ever invented. Not ducT tape, ducK tape.

*Like the force: dark side & light side and holds the universe together.
Duck Tape is the bomb.
by Shirley April 19, 2005
extremly large, very big amount
he is a humongus man meaning a big man
by shirley September 04, 2003
Molly Dolly is used to describe a blonde, blue-eyed girl, with braided pig tails, that strives for perfection. She's seen handing apples to teachers, and flashing a smile at the parents. A girl that exists at all schools.
That Molly Dolly thinks she's worth more than water.
by shirley November 08, 2004
word used in many reggaeton lyrics, meaning have sex or caressing someone.
le gusta cuando yo le azoto.
by shirley December 30, 2004
Log of dried up turd used as a dildo
I shall now proceed to ram myself with my chode. Can you go get it from the top drawer for me?
by Shirley June 17, 2006
v. To defecate. To have a bowl movement.

n. crap, shit, or other terms describing defecation.
Wow! I got to go take a huge len. I just got the len kicked out of me.
by shirley September 09, 2003
in manchester the name wayne means peadophile and he lives next door to me
wayne bond (blocky)haha
by shirley September 19, 2003

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