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All of you dont are mis-interpreting the meaning of "nerd", nerd is not a person, nerd is the substance that covers a "Geek", making him the most useless, most lame, and the most cut-off from the rest of the world loser. A person who is full of nerd usually wears the following:
1. Nerdy glasses.
2. Ugly, no-longer-fashionable shirt .
3. Ugly no-longer fashionable pants (should be raised as much as possible).
4. Long socks.
5. Old shoes, that used to be cool when ADIDAS released it's first sneakers.
6. Huge watch which little kids like to wear.
7. Ugly bowl haircut.
8. The first Nokia phone ever released with "who let the dogs out" ringtone.
9. Lamest personality ever..EVER.
CAUTION : "Nerd" is a highly contagious substance and should be totally avoided. "Nerd" covers a geek and all of his possesions, so DO NOT take or borrow any of the geek's possesions unless you're gonna use them to kill the nerd.Note: No cure has yet been discovered to get rid of "nerd", simply because "Geeks" are not willing to find the cure because it will remove all the "nerd" from them.
Mike: Duude, can i borrow a pen?
Larry the Geek : Sure, which one? I have a collection :D
Chris: Mike, dude, don't take it, it's full of "nerd", you'll get the "nerd" on yourself duude. You can't get rid of that shit.
Mike: OH F@%K !
by ShinySpoons November 24, 2008

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