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2 definitions by Shinji Ikari

The quality of exhibiting a sense of being very good, excellent. A Mr. Lillig word.
Mr. Lillig asked me to join track so that I could bask in his verygoodexcellentism.
by Shinji Ikari May 08, 2004
24 4
The best and only real swiss anime/manga community.
They should all be very friendly and don' bite but you never know...
Out of the Mangaforum the RSP
association (Rising sun productions) was formed. The RSP ist a Organisation that organizes manga/anime convetions in Switzerland.
The Mangaforum also is a place where all the japano gameing geeks meet and play together till they are near dead ;)
"Shit we don't have enough Cubes!!"
by Shinji Ikari January 19, 2005
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