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1 definition by ShimmerGardevoir

A media management program released by Apple for Mac OS X and Windows. While it has some nice aesthetic features such as the Cover Flow and its brushed-metal UI, it lacks quite a few basic/intermediate features, such as the ability to properly play songs on playlists where the playlist tracks came from more than one folder. This can be a hindrance to some users.

Its media download service, the iTunes Store, offers audio tracks with digital rights management for 99 cents each, with select tracks without DRM for a slightly higher price. The iTunes Store has been available on the iPhone and iPod touch since near launch day in certain regions.
Person 1: Man, I love using iTunes because of its awesome Cover Flow feature, and the great music and movie selection in the Store.
Person 2: I kind of like iTunes too, but its organizational problems get on my nerves.
by ShimmerGardevoir September 20, 2008