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A shot containing equal parts of Southern Comfort, Tanqueray, and Hennesy.

Can also be serves as a cocktail on the rocks with all the above ingredients and splashes of Red Bull and Arnold Palmer.

The bearded marby is designed to put hair on your chest, and of course your face.
Hey man it's pretty cold in this bar. Get me a bearded marby so I can warm up
by Shikey Tues November 21, 2010
A marby can be found in many forms; cruising, dozing, munching and puffing. In some cases these are happening simultaneously. Marby's are also very knowledgeable about random topics, dressed fashionably, and are always aware of the time of day. A marby's drink of choice usually involves Soco.
Man did you just see that marby? He was talking to 5 babes, took 9 shots and the went to doze in the corner.
by Shikey Tues December 21, 2009
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